Honoring great writing!

If you are a teacher, and seek fabulous samples of quality writing, here’s one for you. I love this blog piece (from another wordpress blogger) for four reasons: 1–The obvious–it’s simplicity and flow kept me engaged; 2-The writing is first person, and first person writing samples should be presented to students as often as you can find them; 3-It’s writing of a place—some of our best writing centers on a place–perhaps a place we know well, or a place, as in this blog entry, we anticipate with fervor, and 4–Great example of digital writing where photography speaks as loudly as words. Perhaps you will share in my delight with this link below, and find possibilities in sharing, as well, with your middle grade students.

Bog at the end of the world

2 thoughts on “Honoring great writing!

    • You are so welcome!! I loved it. My neighbor is Latvian and has family in Estonia. So, not only did I find beauty and wonder in your blog post for teachers to embrace but I was also able to share this with my neighbor. So thank you for your gift!

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