..why do adolescents sometimes make bad choices???

Somewhere on this blog I’m sure I have another posting about the teenage brain. Listen to NPR host share his thinking…!

The Teenage Brain  Spock vs. Captain Kirk!!

…if you needed a reason to need poetry…..

I admit my bias–that I seem to read and write poetry more than any other genre–BUT, having admitted such, I also find that poetry is the least-liked, least-read genre by my college students. If kids are exposed to the joys, without the dissections, of poetic pieces, to the extent they are exposed to other genres…maybe this would change. Anyway…another really good one from Edutopia!

5 Reasons we need POETRY in schools…

…poetry newsletter grab

My newsletter yesterday from the Academy of American Poets celebrates that March is Women’s History Month. The poems from ten American women poets are featured in the newsletter–well worth taking a look. (Newsletter sign-up is available on the website–FREE–it’s a wonderful resource, and while you are at poets.org check out all of the other free resources available–particularly for educators. The newsletters are archived. The one I feature in this post will be dated March 3rd).

One of the celebrated poets is Naomi Shibab Nye, poet, songwriter and novelist, whose works I have devoured with relish for years, and have also shared so many with students. The poem featured in the newsletter, The Words Under the Words, is dedicated to her Sitti–her grandmother. While the poem stands beautiful alone, I look forward to sharing it with a paired text by Naomi Shibab Nye–a picture book (my personal copy so well used) also of her Sitti–Sitti’s Secrets. The story is beautiful, universal, and reaches across nationality, ethnicity, religion, and ages. A favorite part of this small book is the Author Page comment, where Nye says if grandmothers were in charge of the world there would be no wars. I gotta agree….


…the best of Twitter

My fabulous distant teaching friend is starting a month of great fun at her middle school in northern Virginia. The entire school has taken on the Read4Fun challenge where students tweet daily about a book they are currently reading. I’m loving their tweets and they are choosing great books! So…kudos to you at DMMS and thanks for the #dmmsread4fun hashtag! 💌