Good writing/Great writing–a visual

Well, I’m a strong visual learner so this recent post on the Brain Pickings blog kind of fascinated me. See if you don’t agree that visuals can help explain complexities.




Just thinking about stories…

A dear friend shared a pic of her elderly daddy yesterday, playing his harmonica during his sharing of stories to a senior church group. My friend drove well over a hundred miles to take her daddy to this church, to share stories with a groups of seniors. I cannot express how deeply my emotions run. I am almost panicked into wondering what will happen when the “voice” in face-to-face meetings diminishes and gives way to twitter and snapchat and other social media outlets? Will the social media generation ever know the life-changing emotions and impact of storytelling, in person?? I have many elderly family members. I devour their stories. I want more of them. Dementia and health issues diminish the days where I sit happy, excited, questioning, always wanting more. And I know I’m a hypocrite. I twitter. I have this blog. And others. I don’t snapchat despite my granddaughter’s attempts (futile) to teach me how to “quickly” save the pic. *groan* *fail* But, still, I remain haunted by my friend’s shared post of her daddy, driving him many miles away to share stories. It won’t let go of me. I have no solutions, being caught myself in the web of technology. But, I do know that stories define us, make us more human, less robotic, more-connected, less removed.

That’s all. Just kind of a confessional/rant.