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Glad you stopped by! Hopefully you will find something of interest for reaching and teaching literacy with students “in the middle”—not quite elementary, not yet high school (but..there are ideas here even for HS teachers!). You can read about me in my profile (click on my gravatar at the bottom of this page)–I hope you will stop by again and leave a comment. Teaching “the middles” is my passion–many years in public schools, and the past decade at university level with both preservice undergraduate and  practicing graduate teachers.

I am a veteran teacher of both public schools (grades 1-6), and higher education (teacher education–Auburn University Montgomery, Shenandoah University, Hope College), and a teacher consultant for the National Writing Project (induction site Sunbelt Writing Project, Auburn University). My PhD focused on preservice teachers using writer’s notebooks, and resulted in a publication with English Education EE0393Living.

My obvious passion for writing is shared through this blog. I am also a reading teacher–do not mean to shed lesser light on reading instruction! You will find a passion, as well, for helping students to become better “comprehenders”, and to….simply enjoy the worlds books bring to us.

Here you will find inspiration, motivation, and strategies to help you as you teach writers of all ages. I hope you visit often, as I will try to be diligent about updating with blog posts and adding to static pages.

“One of the great things about writing is that by doing it, we can construct a persona. We can craft an authentic voice…..When we tinker with words, when we shift, cut, change and arrange them, when we appeal to the readers’ sense, place ideas and words strategically, invent strong beginnings and resonating endings, when we attend to the rhythm and music of language, it isn’t only the writing we craft. We craft our identity…when our verbs and diction change, so does our thinking–it stretches and deepens. Over the years, writing has enabled me to become”.

Tom Romano —Crafting Authentic Voice

I have another blog that allows me creative bent! I celebrate my beautiful natural surrounding in the north on my photo/haiku blog at  haikunorth

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  1. Hi Pam, you are invited to participate in my Bookish Time Travel Tag, if you so choose. Check my blog post for more details. Thanks, EnglishLitGeek

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