TedED interview with girl with Asperger’s

Excellent TedED interview!

She’s highly successful, a recent speaker at a 2015 Women’s Conference, an undergraduate student, and she suffers with Asperger’s. This is a compelling read, for her words as well as the excellent resources she suggests/provides. Found this on my twitter feed; so glad that I did!


Can’t learn enough about ‘tweens and teens and that adolescent brain!

Mysterious workings of the adolescent brain

Oh My! So much makes sense…

What makes a HERO…??

Okay–I’m back to TedEd! This TedEd lesson, What Makes a Hero?,  begs me to post. What do Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, and Frodo all have in common? In their own ways, each is a hero. Classroom teachers from fourth grade on use the concept of a hero as a focus of reading and writing lessons. But, what makes a hero? Listen in as Matthew Winkler shares his thinking. Fascinating!