We need ALL of us!

Temple Grandin has Autism Spectrum disorder. Her life has been celebrated in her many books (Animals in Translation, Animals Make us Human, Different…Not Less, The Way I See It, The Autistic Brain..to name a few), and recently, in a biographical film of her life. She is a doctor of animal science and a professor at Colorado State University. Most notably—she is an autism activist and a consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior (humane treatment of animals, even those headed to slaughter). Both movements are the focus of her life. She also created the “Hug Box,” a device to calm autistic children.

As long as standardization in Education is here (and it seems, to stay), we are still mired in the process of sorting kids, no matter how loudly the profession screams for differentiation, culturally responsive teaching, and all of the other current (yet not really new) methods, theories, and strategies that focus on student-centered pedagogy.

Temple Grandin’s TedEd speech reminds us that we are all all kinds of “smart” and we need ALL of us Listen, Think, Enjoy, Share.