…if you needed a reason to need poetry…..

I admit my bias–that I seem to read and write poetry more than any other genre–BUT, having admitted such, I also find that poetry is the least-liked, least-read genre by my college students. If kids are exposed to the joys, without the dissections, of poetic pieces, to the extent they are exposed to other genres…maybe this would change. Anyway…another really good one from Edutopia!

5 Reasons we need POETRY in schools…

Lesson Ideas–Using Guest Journals to encourage

There are many interesting ways to use Journal Writing to encourage the voices of all students, as well as spark interest in writing. The Journal strategy presented in this post reminds me of the Shared Journal strategy for the youngest writers (K-2), wherein students share their daily journal entries then vote on which entry they will all write.

This post from Edutopia.org is exciting to me.

Lesson Ideas.

Arts Integration: Resource Roundup | Edutopia


So many rich resources. Edutopia  just rocks!

Arts Integration: Resource Roundup | Edutopia.

25 Attention-Grabbing Tips for the Classroom | Edutopia

Interesting find in my twitter feed from Edutopia. My students have so many questions about classroom management, and while so much comes from experience, there is much that can be learned from other teachers. So, I post this here in case you have an interest.


25 Attention-Grabbing Tips for the Classroom | Edutopia.

How Reading Literature Cultivates Empathy | Edutopia

I’m reading this Edutopia article..and thinking..how many times have I used the word empathy this semester??? It may be the #1 thing we need to be modeling and teaching for….could not agree more with this teacher…

How Reading Literature Cultivates Empathy | Edutopia.

Promoting a Culture of Learning | Edutopia

Just blending Edutopia with my morning coffee today–finding gems that sound like my own voice echoing LOUDLY—students–are you seeing this??? YAY Edutopia!!

Promoting a Culture of Learning | Edutopia.

Teaching Students to Embrace Mistakes | Edutopia

Hoping my preservice teachers see this on this blog….it’s at the heart of our work this semester. FEEDBACK! Feed Up Feed Back Feed Forward! Mistakes are the rulers of growth!!

Teaching Students to Embrace Mistakes | Edutopia.