Listen to what two encouraging words can do…


Jarrett J Krosocza

Jarrett J Krosocza is an author of many children’s books (10 and under), as well as a moderator for author chats and talks on SiriusXM radio. I had the pleasure of having Jarrett visit my class of graduate students at Shenandoah University a few years back. He shared his story of how he “came to be” and the story itself is one of motivation and inspiration to all–especially good for teachers to hear, as he is living proof that just a couple of encouraging words can help a kid along a path to discovery of talents and passions.

So, even if you don’t teach 10 and unders, I enourage you to listen to Jarrett as he tells his story on TedTalks.

You can also visit Jarrett’s website–exciting!!