Writing as Bread-Baking…

My oldest brother is a talented bread maker–all things bread…pretzels, bagels, rolls, popovers, muffins, and of course,…bread. I have both envied and marveled at the process and products of his labors. I have also stood right next to him, observing, asking questions, prodding him for the secrets to his success. As a writer and teacher of writers, I can stand back from my thirst to know and learn his talents, and understand that what appears to be effortless truly is not; he has worked the better part of his life at becoming the master that he is. I see a parallel between his craft and the craft of writing. Time, dedication, practice, trust, risk-taking, imagination, intuition, and tenacity are elements common to the craft of artisinal bread making and to the craft of writing.


Do you have other “metaphors” for writing???