Read Works…for really good expository articles!!

My students (preservice teachers) use this website, as do I for quality short texts we use in class activities. The website lists informational articles by grade and Lexile levels. There are many options as well for locating what you need–search by topic, by units of study, and more. Reading research informs us, and the trend today, is to use short pieces of text when we wish to focus on comprehension. Read Works is an amazing site!!


Great current events (free) resource…

Read closely…Think critically..Be worldly...this is the message from an unlimited access new site–Newsela— that posts nonfiction current events articles that you can download for short text reading comprehension. Articles are even connected to standards. It’s worth taking a look!!

Love The Horn Book!

The Horn Book has been around at least as long as me!! And, the good news is you need not subscribe (though it’s a fabulous publication!)–now you can receive newsletters to your email.

My newsletter today included Notes on Nonfiction.


Copied below is a link where you will be directed to the page where you can sign up for emails.

The Horn Book newsletter

Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

Not sure how I ran into this feature article, Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek, a detailed and amazing account of an avalanche–but glad I did. Maybe thinking about and wishing for snow since I do live in north country and I can see my grass in mid-January!

Anyway, the article is captivating, and the graphics, exceptional. I’m imagining possibilities for this feature article. Seventh graders (maybe even fifth, sixth?) and upward through high school (not to mention you teachers out there) would like it, I think. It’s long, but what if you did some kind of shared reading over several days? Or, if all students have internet access, why not assign portions as homework? I can’t think of a comprehension strategy that could not be addressed. And, with nonfiction a strong focus of Common Core, this is a good example of a feature article.

And, the bonus? It’s a wonderful example of what digital text can look like–the combination of text, image, video clips, interviews…just awesome! I hope you enjoy!