..and this is why I write, why I sketch, why I play with words and images

…a quote from a mentor who inspires me. Her book, A Trail Through Leaves (a gift to me from a treasured friend) is one I revisit from time to time, and upon each visit am startled by wonderings and images new to me, though I have held this book closely for so many years…



“A long-running journal is an invaluable document, because it records something other than the time-and-goal-dominated anxiety that drives us through our days. We can tease out of it evolving evidence of sub-lives, parallel existences, omens of shifts that won’t be realized for decades, recurrences of themes glimpsed periodically through the years….The trail of words and pictures that I am leaving is more complete than most people’s, but it is still a trail of tips and ice bergs, little slices of light and color that are all I can capture of the big masses moving underneath. But threading through are moments of the ordinary-made-extraordinary by the simple act of choosing and isolating them.”

                                                                                                Hannah Hinchman

                                                                                           A Trail Through Leaves: The  Journal As a Path to Place




Arts Integration: Resource Roundup | Edutopia


So many rich resources. Edutopia  just rocks!

Arts Integration: Resource Roundup | Edutopia.

Getting lost in Pictures of the Day…

“Pictures of the Day” are fascinating finds. They can be used in multitude of ways teachers—to launch writing in many genres, to supplement research, to create word lists, engage in great discussions, and simply to enjoy.
Here are a few of my faves—and while you are there, check out the archives on all of the sites:

Discover the Cosmos with Astronomy Picture of the Day

Earth Science Picture of the Day

Atmospheric Optics Picture of the Day     cool stuff!!

Lens–NYTimes Picture of the Day 

Yahoo and Flikr teamed up to launch this cool site

Aloha!  Hawaii Picture of the Day

Nature Picture of the Day–inspirational–why not try out a Haiku?

Now that I’ve got you going, I bet you can discover many, many more. (Teachers–I have looked these sites over for G ratings—some POD sites are not!)

Enjoy your travels!

An Egret’s Day—-Inspiring us to look closely….

As the title of An Egret’s Day suggests, the subject of this children’s poetry book is the daily life of the large and beautiful bird known as the Great Egret. Using a variety of poetic forms, Jane Yolen has written more than a dozen poems about egrets. Each of the poems examines a different aspect of the egret. These include: the egret’s name, eating habits, size, nest, flight, feet, walk, preening, beak and more.  What a great model for writing, teachers!!

Each double-page spread contains one or more striking color photographs of an egret and a poem that relates to what’s in the photo. A paragraph of factual information that sheds further light on the subject of the photo and poem is also provided.

Wonderful integration of poetry, art and science—and an inspirational invitation for students to show what they can learn through close observation in multiple ways.

Children’s literature is just a misnomer—what adult would not be enchanted with this book!

egrets day

Take a….Journey North into all of the signs of the coming of Spring!

Journey North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration and Seasonal Change

Journey North engages citizen scientists in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12 students (AND, the general public— backyard, etc. observers–may also participate!) share their own field observations with classmates across North America. They track the coming of spring through the migration patterns of monarch butterflies, robins, hummingbirds, whooping cranes, gray whales, bald eagles— and other birds and mammals; the budding of plants; changing sunlight; and other natural events.

Visit the site and find migration maps, images, standards-based lesson plans, activities and information to help students (and YOU) make local observations and fit them into a global context. Widely considered a best-practices model for education, Journey North is the nation’s premiere citizen science project for children.

As always—Simply the BEST from Annenberg Learner!!