From a distance…collaboration

It began, quite unintentionally, with the picture below. I took it on a road trip Friday and posted it to my facebook page with just one tag line …The orchard sleeps…

My distant writing group friend added two more lines….in winter’s gloom under a crescent moon…And, said, keep it going. The resulting conversation:

me: trees whisper tales of Spring

of blossoms snuggled in a winter wrap

of deep roots tangled in Summer’s dreams

she: one small bird perches at dawn

me: threads her way through forks of trees

through thickets of sticks

weaving her own tales

against the landscape of winter


Writing off of photos is one of my writing invitations on my writer’s notebook page on this blog. Photos inspire. Digital devices and social media allow us to virtually sit beside friends to collaborate visions and words, to create shared works.

Teachers–had the digital world of today existed back when I shared daily existence with sixth graders, you bet I would have encouraged this kind of collaboration.

You see two images here: the first is the photo that started it all; the second is a quickly-sketched notebook entry of the resulting poem.IMG_1007 IMG_1345