Simple. You’ll see one word at the top of the following screen.
You have sixty seconds to write about it.
Click go and the page will load with the cursor in place.
Don’t think. Just write.

When the 60 secs is up, you are taken to a screen to submit your quick write to an email or a website. This is great site for fluency–just getting words out of the head and on “paper”.—-How could you use this, teachers?

1–You could have this at a computer station as a center activity–students would visit, check out the one word that pops up, write and submit. If they have their own blogs, they can submit to themselves, or if they have their own email, submit to themselves. Their quick writes can be a kind of electronic writer’s notebook. Perhaps in that 60 second quick write they had their fires fueled to write deeper on a quick write topic.

2–If students have iPads–wow–what you can do with this site. You can start everyone off at the same time. If they all have blogs on your teaching website–they can submit their quick writes to: themselves, a peer writing partner, a peer writing group, or to you.

A great website for writing fluency–visit at