Writing Essentials–unearthing a ppt

Came across a pptx for a workshop presentation I did in Virginia. As I view it today, I see I have really nothing to add–everything I said back in 2008 I am still saying today….and saying, and saying…Writing and Writers—Essentials for Teaching….


If I Were in Charge….

…this is what I would see in schools:

Writing Program Model

Writing Taught as Process—–Prewriting, Drafting, Sharing (Feedback), Revising, Editing, Publishing–all processes modeled well by teachers. Writing processes taught as the “work” that writers do.

Writer’s Workshop Context—-Teacher modeling of focus (mini) lessons (1/4 of workshop time)—-Students engaged in writing process writing (1/2 of workshop time)—-Sharing (1/4 of workshop time)

Conferences—-Teacher-led; Peer/Partner

Choice—-Student ownership of topics, whenever possible.

Authenticity—-Emphasis on teaching what real writers do, and in teaching the kinds, genres and forms used in the real world

Writer’s Notebooks—-Grade 3 and above

Journals—-Self-initiated, daily time for journals and journal share in K-2.—-Second semester of second grade, writer’s notebooks could be introduced.

Strategic Teaching—-Writing strategies are seen as integral to and used across the writing process

Six Traits—-Using the language that defines good writing as a window into REVISION, and to assess for conventional use (editing)

Reading/Writing Connection—-Literature/text in the real world is central to writing instruction, to include Author Studies and Craft Studies for deep study of craft/technique

Created by Pamela Stockinger, 2010