When visuals are enough…are just right

IMG_9938IMG_9932IMG_9934 IMG_9935 IMG_9936 IMG_9937When I ask my preservice teachers to create visual responses to texts, the results are always amazing. Last week, we read “Eleven”by Sandra Cisneros, a text that I have read again and again, and still respond so strongly to. The text is written through the point of view of Rachel, a child turning eleven. Her birthday begins at school, where she is accused, by the teacher, of leaving a raggedy red sweater for months in the class cloak room. While it is NOT her sweater, her denials are not heard as classmates wrongly confirm that, yes, that sweater is Rachel’s. The school day is a day of emotional draining, and although a birthday celebration awaits her at home with her loving family, for Rachel, the joy of the day has been supplanted by feelings of rejection, loss, and helplessness.

So, students had copies, and I did a read aloud— then turned them loose.

This is what you get when you ask students to respond with visuals. Bravo Hope College ED 282 students!!


Thinking ahead to April—Poetry Month

Teachers—I know we are barely into March, but if you do anything with poetry, April is National Poetry Month, and here’s a great project! And, if you do visit the link below, while you are there you should take a few minutes and browse to see all that poets.org has to offer for you to bring the beauty and pleasure of poetry to your students.

Poet-to-Poet Project